Modernization of mechanical scales

Do you have old, non-functioning mechanical car or railway car scales? We can upgrade them, and they will operate with modern electronics!
Don't worry if they seem 'too short.' We will provide a design to extend them by using the existing platform and foundations. Opting for the modernization of existing old mechanical scales is truly worthwhile to achieve more accurate weighing, avoid maintenance issues, and ensure proper service. With the constantly rising prices of metal, it is often cheaper to modernize mechanical scales than to buy new ones, especially considering what remains functional. After inspecting them, our specialists will provide a proposal. When all the work is done correctly, you will have the same metrological characteristics as new scales.
What's important when modernizing old mechanical car or railway car scales? Evaluate the stability of the scale platform. It may be necessary to replace it if it has completely rusted; in that case, a new scale platform is recommended, which would be installed on the existing foundations. There are no issues if the foundation pit is of non-standard length, for example, 15.5 meters, and such a length is sufficient to weigh your desired vehicles. Car scale platforms are manufactured in our workshop in the Vilnius region; we can produce a platform of any length you need.

Evaluate the stability of old foundations
Evaluate the dimensions of the existing scale platform. If it is necessary to weigh longer vehicles or wagons, it may need to be 'extended,' just like the foundations according to the project provided by our designer. Evaluate the principles of weighing cargo. When weighing at different times of the day, it is not always necessary to have an employee recording weight parameters at the scales. An automatic weighing accounting system can be provided, where the driver records weight and other necessary parameters. We can also upgrade old car and railway car scales to work with modern weight sensors, but due to broken or rusted platforms, they are not suitable for use.