Car-railway scales

An interesting solution from an investor's perspective is railway car scales (also called 'duviename'), installed in cases where the possible loading of the railway line requires transporting goods by trucks using the same unloading system, while saving space by installing only one weighing platform instead of separate car and railway car scales. These scales can weigh both trucks and railway cars using a single shared platform. The width of the scales is 3m, and the length can be adjusted according to individual needs. The scales are designed and manufactured in our company based on the customer's task and the possible types of weighed wagons. In the series of car-railway scale types, there are scales with a lifting capacity ranging from 100 to 150 tons, with a single or multi-segment platform, with a total length from 12 to 30m and a width of 3m. The entire scale construction is made of steel, mounted on concrete foundations poured according to our specialists' provided foundation drawings and recommendations. In the absence of your own construction company or partners, our builders with extensive experience in scale foundation construction can handle it. In such cases, a full warranty is provided for both the scales and the foundations.

The main supporting profile of the car-railway scale platform consists of twin beams, and the top of the platform is covered with ribbed sheet metal. The entire steel construction is processed with a metal granule flow, primed, and protected from corrosion with modern coatings (two-component, chemical-resistant epoxy paints, Sigma Coatings). Track holders are attached to the top of the platform. Car-railway scales can be installed in ATEX hazardous zones. Car-railway scales can be manufactured for both European and wide-gauge railways. The weight sensors used are made only of stainless steel, with high protection class IP68/IP69K, operating temperature not less than -40 °C, using protection against lightning discharge, and sensor cables are protected from rodents. If needed, we can provide a weight indicator and cargo weighing accounting program that meets specific customer requirements. Do you have any questions about railway car scales? We will respond promptly at

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