Baseless railway scales

Baseless railway scales are the right choice when there is a very short installation deadline due to the high traffic on the railway. The majority of the time spent installing railway scales is on digging and concrete foundation work to support the full load of railway wagons. To install railway scales in the shortest possible time, we recommend using special construction scales that use significantly more metal for stability, as the scale platform is mounted directly on the ground. Another quick installation solution for railway scales is a standard scale platform with cast-in-place concrete foundations. All that is required is to remove the tracks, dig a hole, compact the ground, and then install the pre-made cast-in-place concrete foundations and the railway wagon weighing platform on top. We can provide contacts for clients who have been using such scales for many years.

The weight sensors used are made only from stainless steel, with high protection class IP68/IP69K, operating temperature no lower than -40°C, with protection against lightning discharge and cable protection against rodents. If necessary, we can provide a weight indicator and cargo weighing software tailored to specific customer needs. Do you have questions about railway wagon scales? We will answer promptly at

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