Concrete Car Scales

Sturdy, comfortable, durable concrete car scales. Concrete car scales are assembled from prefabricated reinforced concrete platforms with a lifting capacity ranging from 30 to 60 tons. The main modules of the 3m wide platform are 4 or 6 meters in length. The total length can range from 4 to 30 meters. The scale platform is cast in a special mold at the concrete plant using C45/55 or C40/50 class concrete and a vibrating table. For the foundations of concrete car scales, prefabricated concrete blocks can be used, cast in the same factory, or foundation construction work for the scales can be done on-site according to our provided drawings and recommendations. Small steel hatches are installed in the scale platform, and by opening them, access to the weight sensors and motion limiters for adjustment can be achieved.

These scales can be above-ground or installed level with the ground. Weight sensors are made of stainless steel, environmental protection class IP68/IP69K (can be washed at high pressure), operating temperature -40 °C to +80°C, protection against lightning discharge, and sensor cables are protected against rodents. Upon request, we can select scale electronics for installation in hazardous Ex zones. If needed, we can provide a cargo weighing accounting program. Do you have any questions about car scales? We will respond promptly at

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