Railway scales

Railway scales are designed and manufactured in our company according to the customer's needs and the types of wagons to be weighed. The platform base is made using HEA or HEB metal beams, covered with 5-12mm ribbed plate. It is welded, cleaned with sandblasting or metal granules from all sides, primed and painted with weather-resistant paints. This quality of the manufacturing process gives our manufactured car scales longevity. We can provide contacts of clients who have been using our designed railway wagon scales for many years.

Weight sensors made only of stainless steel, high protection class IP68/IP69K, operating temperature not lower than -40 °C, with lightning protection, sensor cables protected from rodents. If necessary, we can provide a special weight indicator and cargo weighing accounting program tailored to customer needs. Do you have questions about railway wagon scales? We will answer promptly. info@bltech.eu

Baseless railway scales

Car-railway scales

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