Metal car scales

Low-profile, sturdy, comfortable metal car scales. Due to the high-quality weighing platform manufacturing process and reliable electronic components adapted for long-term and intensive use, they maintain good metrological characteristics. Various lengths of these car scale platforms are available, ranging from 5 to 24 meters. If necessary, a non-standard width of the scale platform is possible, for example, 17.6m, 16.8m, and others. According to customer needs, we have produced car scale platforms of various widths, not only the standard 3m but also 2.8m, 3.5m, 4m. Metal car scale platforms are designed and manufactured in our company in Lithuania. The platform base is made using HEA or HEB steel beams, covered with 5-8mm ribbed sheet metal. Qualitatively welded, cleaned by sandblasting or metal granules from all sides, primed, painted with weather-resistant paints. Metal car scale platform structures can have a central gap or be fully covered. Installation can be above ground or level with the ground. Above-ground installation platform is mounted with metal or concrete access ramps. Installation on-site is done on poured concrete foundation prepared according to our specialists' provided foundation drawings and recommendations or on precast reinforced concrete foundation structures at the concrete plant.

When installing at ground level, only a fully covered platform is used, and foundations are made according to our provided drawings and recommendations, along with consultations. In the absence of your own construction company or partners, our builders with extensive experience in scale foundation construction can handle it. In this case, a full warranty is provided for both the scales and the foundations. We can paint it in the desired color. Protective barriers can be manufactured and attached as needed to prevent vehicles from driving off the scale platform. The weight sensors are made of stainless steel, environmental protection class IP68/IP69K (can be washed at high pressure), operating temperature -40 °C to +80°C, protection against lightning discharge, and sensor cables are protected against rodents. If needed, we can provide a weight indicator and cargo weighing accounting program that meets specific customer requirements. Do you have any questions about car scales? We will respond promptly at

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